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For what purposes is my information used and who uses it?


This Website uses its own cookies and those of other entities, in order to access and use your information for the purposes indicated below. If you do not agree with any of these purposes, you can customize your options through this screen. We and the companies that collaborate with us, such as advertisers, advertising operators and intermediaries, will use your information obtained through cookies. To know the collaborating companies that incorporate their cookies on our website, you can access through the See our partners button. You can set your consent preferences separately for each of the aforementioned partners. Additional information: You can find complete information on the use of cookies, their configuration, origin, purposes and rights in our Cookie Policy. You allow the use of cookies for the following purposes:

+Store or access information on a device


+Select basic ads 


+Create a custom advertising profile 


+Select custom listings 


+Create a profile for content personalization 


+Select custom content 


+Measure ad performance 


+Measure content performance 


+Use market research to generate information

about the public 


+Develop and improve products 


+Share data and profiles not linked to your identity 


+Use precise geolocation data 


If you consent to the above purposes, you also allow this website and its partners to operate the processing of the following data:

Collate and combine offline data sources, Ensure security, prevent fraud and debug, Receive and identify automatically delivered device characteristics, Technically serve ads or content, and Link different devices.

We use our own and third-party cookies and similar technologies to analyze traffic, web browsing and for statistical purposes, identify and maintain user sessions, share and display content on social networks, identify, select and display advertising and non-advertising content, sometimes in a personalized way based on analytics and user profiling, measure the performance of the previous ones, use market research to generate information and develop and improve products. Any positive action related to browsing, except when explicit consent is legally required (for profiling and advanced segmentation), will imply a authorization for its installation in accordance with what is indicated in our Cookie policy. Additionally, you can accept all or some of the cookies, reject them or change the settings and preferences.


We and our partners do the following data processing with your consent and/or our legitimate interest:

Store or access information on a device, Personalized ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development, Location Data precise geographic location and identification through device characteristics.

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