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Through this Integrated Policy, the Management of eredu seeks to achieve full customer satisfaction, reconcile the development of its activity with the protection of the environment and integrate Occupational Health and Safety into the development of its activity.

This Policy provides a reference framework for establishing and reviewing the annual Objectives, which are included in the Management Plan and are disseminated to the group by those Responsible for the Processes.

To this end, it establishes the following general principles of action:
 Achieve full customer satisfaction by strictly complying with contracted requirements and supplying customers with products of adequate quality to meet their needs.
 Introduce environmental criteria that improve the design of its products to minimize the environmental impacts generated by them throughout their life cycle and prevent pollution. This is achieved by taking into account their environmental aspects from their design phase and avoiding the transfer of environmental impacts from one stage of their life cycle to another, unless there is a net reduction in the environmental impact of the products.
 Protect and improve Occupational Health and Safety, through:
 1) prevention of damage and deterioration of health.
 2) improvement of working conditions and promotion of workers' health.
 Comply with the applicable legal requirements and with other environmental and occupational health and safety requirements that EREDU subscribes to, applicable to all its processes and products.
 Progressively reduce the use and generation of polluting substances as far as possible through the use of proven and efficient technologies.
 Promote among its partners, employees and collaborators the spirit of respect for the environment and their commitment to participate and collaborate in the actions adopted in environmental matters.
 Identify and evaluate the risks and opportunities for each of the organization's processes, implementing the appropriate measures to deal with them properly, thereby ensuring that the desired results are achieved.
 Pay attention to any public or private initiatives that arise in the search for greater environmental protection in the field of its activity and its social environment.
 Guarantee the information, participation, training and consultation of the personnel, ensuring that they know and understand the Objectives and the Company's Policy, and formally undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all the information received.

For eredu Quality, respect for the Environment and the promotion of Occupational Health and Safety are key factors for the development of the company. In order to comply with these maxims, it undertakes to:

 Implement a Management System planned and developed in conjunction with the other functions of the Directorate.
 Integrate it at all levels of the organization, establishing Objectives and Goals consistent with this Policy, defining the derived functions and responsibilities, which allow progress in its compliance, having as principles continuous improvement, minimization of environmental impacts and risk prevention. labor and pollution.
 Assume the significant effort required to achieve these Objectives and do not hesitate to provide the necessary means and adequate knowledge to achieve the implementation, maintenance and effectiveness of the Management System, based on a process of continuous improvement of the management and performance, in line with the above.


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